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  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Type of Product: Bonida Dual Alpha, Bonida HD Alpha

Due to the limitation of the lens for the characteristics of oral camera structure, in the mouth, only the short distance shoot was possible and to shoot for the purpose of orthodontics and aesthetics, etc. separate camera was required.
In case of taking image with separate digital camera when consulting the patient, there was inconvenience to carry out additional work of transferring the image stored in the embedded memory card to PC.
However, newly launched ‘Bonida Dual Alpha’ was developed adopting the dual camera system and ruler measurement mode for the oral camera for the first time in the world and among the current oral cameras, it provides the most clear and clean HD image enabling more smooth consultation with the patient.

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It is Bonida Dual Alpha, HD grade dual camera with high quality image

Smart HD oral camera with ultra high image quality From close-up function to ruler measurement mode

Slide cover to protect the extra-oral camera

Intra-oral/Extra-oral is converted automatically by sensing if the slide cover is open or close and is designed to protect the camera lens by closing the slide cover when the camera is not in use.

Camera state indicator

In order to identify the timing that the camera is available for use, it indicates the USB connection in orange and green with LED depending on the condition

One touch Metal Connector

With the one touch detachment design considering the user, it is convenient to use and as the full-metal material is employed, it is strong against the shock. And it is designed with luxurious appearance

Quick auto-focus type

By applying liquid lens having similar structure to the crystalline lens of the eye, auto-focusing is easy and macro filming at desired location with one button operation is possible

Wide Focus Range

Developed and adapted the dual camera system for the first time in the world, It provides the wide focus range that the previous oral cameras could no thave (Minimum 5mm_Intra-oral)~ (maximum 123mm_Extra-oral) It is used diverse utilization ranges when consulting the patient)

Convenient size measurement mode

If you press Shoot Button for 3 seconds, the gradated ruler in the form of crosshair appears in the screen and the ratio of graduated ruler is varied depending on the measuring position.


OS Windows 7 Professional with sp1 or more
CPU Dual Core 1.5GHz or more
Memory 1GB or more
Resolution 1280 * 720 or more
Interface USB 2.0
Etc. Internet Connection
Image Software


Image sensor HD 720p CMOS Video image sensor
Output Resoultion
Image transfer rate
MJPG 1280 * 720 (30fps)
LENS Variable focus Liquid LENS
Focus Type Trigger Auto Focus
Focus Range Intra-oral : 5mm~45mm(±10%)
Measuring Ruler : 5mm~30mm(±6%)
Extra-oral : 17mm~123mm(±20%)
FOV(Diagonal) 64.00 Deg(±3%)
LED Light Source Intra-oral : 15ea White chip LED
Extra-oral : 10ea White chip LED
Capture system Hand-piece dual side capture
Camera connector One touch Full-metal connector
Interface & Power PC USB 2.0 DC 5V/ Max 500mA
Cradle : 42g
Product Components BONIDA DUAL ALPHA, USB CAMERA Cable 5m, Camera Cradle,
Fixing Cradle Screw, Protect Sheath, User Manual

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Country of Origin

South Korea

Type of Product

Bonida Dual Alpha, Bonida HD Alpha


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