Resin Keeper

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Our convenient organizer for all light-curable materials also helps prevent pre-polymerization.

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Product Overview

This convenient work surface helps you organize your light-curable materials before your restoration. Fully reversible, our ResinKeeper is a contact box featuring a light-tight cover to avoid premature polymerization. It has a non-stick reversible work surface with eight mixing wells per side. The working surface is autoclavable and cleans easily with an alcohol wipe.


  • A great work surface organizer for your light-cured materials
  • Avoids premature polymerization of composite materials
  • Non-stick reversible work surface
  • Autoclavable and easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe

Indications for Use

  • A work surface for all light-cured materials
  • A light-tight cover will permit storage of materials without premature polymerization


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