Renamel Flowable De-Mark

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  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Weight: 3g

Use this flowable radiopaque cavity liner for easy composite identification.

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Product Overview

This top selling radiopaque cavity liner eliminates faulty diagnosis by clearly demarcating your composite restoration on an x-ray. Renamel De-Mark is the best product for lining the cavity prep because it helps you quickly identify where composite stops and real tooth structure begins. Renamel De-Mark flows easily and adapts perfectly to the floor of the prep and the gingival margins.  Includes 6 tips, (3) 18 gauge and (3) 19 gauge.


  • Highly Radiopaque – Never misdiagnose decay
  • More opaque before you cure – very easy to see
  • Slightly more viscous giving you the control
  • Adapts perfectly to the floor of the prep and the gingival margins
  • Better marginal seal – lowers polymerization shrinkage and post-operative sensitivity
  • Renamel De-Mark smooths sharp line angles – making composite placement easier

Indications for Use

  • Radiopaque lining material to help evaluate marginal integrity, rule out overextended restorations, and to help detect recurrent carries.

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